Understand the general mechanism behind SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular, effective, and complicated online marketing method. Many people understand the benefits of executing SEO for their websites in order to promote their website visibility. At the same time, we also realize the difficulty of executing SEO projects. It requires the right technical methods and skills to be able to pull off SEO execution perfectly. If inappropriate SEO methods are used, there will be adverse results to the website’s ranking on the search engines. Thus, if you consider doing SEO for your website, then it will be necessary for you to understand the general mechanism behind SEO. Even if you are outsourcing SEO to an external SEO company like Shark Web Private Limited, you will need to know the mechanism behind SEO so that you can check on the SEO company’s methodologies.

There are two components to SEO execution – on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO activities are activities that the SEO specialist do internally to the website. The list of on-page SEO activities includes title and meta description changes, anchor text optimization, control of outgoing links, structural re-design of website, and tagging of related keywords for images shown on the website. A general guideline is not to over-optimize the website. For example, anchor text ratio for your keywords on the website is best kept at 3%. If the anchor text ratio far exceeds 3%, it may result in over-optimization in the eyes of the search engines.

Off-page SEO activities are activities that the SEO specialist do externally to the website. The list of off-page SEO activities includes generation of back links to the website, and building a good PR system to the website. Similar to on-page optimization, one cannot over-optimize the off-page SEO for the website. Do not get your back links from dubious sources. There are specific guidelines published by the search engines to inform website owners and SEO specialists the factors the search engine take into account when ranking their websites. Follow them carefully to ensure good SEO results.

Why you have to consider search engine optimization for your website?

If you are building an online business, a very important step is to decide on a type of online marketing method to market your website. Different online marketing methods work for different target market. However, generally, search engine optimization works across all industries and appeal to almost all types of target markets. The power of search engine optimization cannot be underestimated today.

Why is search engine optimization so powerful?

The top websites with the highest traffic in the world are the search engine websites such as Google.com. Often, the first website that people access on the internet is the search engine. People want to find information on the internet but do not know the exact website address containing the information they want most of the time. Hence, we turn to search engines. Search engines allow us to find relevant websites which can answer our queries. This provides lots of convenience for the internet users.

If you want to build an online business, getting your website listed on the search engine is a big step forward. Engage a good search engine optimization (SEO) company to carry out SEO for your website. If SEO is carried out well, you can expect your website to be listed in the top few pages of the search engine. That will lead a lot of internet users to your website. Very interestingly, this is a very passive pull marketing tactic – all the people that finds your website via the search engines will already be interested in buying your products or services. Unlike other forms of marketing such as social media marketing, you do not have to do too much sales pitch to persuade your customers to do SEO. There is a much higher chance of closing these leads that you receive from the search engines.

Furthermore, SEO is a very long term marketing which will yield positive long term results. You can be sure to receive leads from your SEO efforts consistently every month.

As mentioned, SEO is a powerful online marketing method. Many people uses it to their advantage to improve their businesses. One of the critical processes is to find a reliable SEO company to execute SEO for you. That could make or break your SEO strategy.

Building An Online Business In Singapore

No doubt, there are lots of self-proclaimed experts and speakers on the topic of Internet marketing or anything related to that in Singapore. However, as you probably also are, many people are highly skeptical of such courses, and rightly so.

First of all, you would be wondering why these pros are actively teaching and if you were to look at their ‘portfolio’, it will seem as though it is outdated by several years. Their earning reports e.t.c. would be backdated a year ago or more. (A year in Internet marketing is like a decade in real life). Doesn’t that ring some bells in your head?

I offer you a much simpler and strategic way to reach out to your audience in Singapore through online marketing and building your business. This is NOT about a get rich quick scheme, it’s 4 simple steps that I have put to use when it comes to building a business in Singapore (offline and online).

  1. Step number 1: Build a website
    Any businessman that wants to scale his business and knows that change is inevitable has to embrace the Internet. Whether people are using their computers to browse the web or using their phones to scroll through endless applications and websites, In this day and age in Singapore, it’s not about whether you are an online or offline business. You’re an integrated business and you need to have an online presence.
  2. Step number 2: Market your website
    There are so many ways you can market your website. The key for any businessman who is new to Internet marketing is that you need to realize that your website cannot be automatically found by your potential customers if you do not market it. The people who market only through their family and friends will quickly realize that it cannot grow beyond a few thousand visitors and hence get at most a hundred leads or so a month. Even then, it might have taken them 24 hours a day promoting their website verbally to reach that stage. That is too inefficient.
  3. Step number 3: Focus on 1 type of online marketing
    There is social media marketing, search engine optimization, e.t.c. There are so many ways you can market your website, you need to choose one of them. In general, consumer products work better through social media marketing, while business to business services grow quickly through search engine optimization (Here’s a renowned company in Singapore specializing in SEO services – sharkweb.com.sg
  4. Step number 4: Stick to it
    As an entrepreneur, you probably already know that there’s no such thing as overnight success. There may be overnight growth, but you will not reach that stage immediately. You need to understand that whether or not you perform social media marketing and SEO by yourself or engage a company like http://www.impossible.sg/our-services/search-engine-optimization-seo/, it will take time for the results to show up. Sometimes, you may get results quick, but it will not be the full potential of the results. Usually, there will be a snowball effect, as Internet leads pour in along with word-of-mouth marketing referrals.
online marketing

How to create an effective online marketing campaign?

If you listened to my advice on building your website, the very next thing you got to be doing is to create an effective online marketing campaign to advertise your website.

Previously mentioned, a website hosted on the internet is like a stall or room within a big area. You will need people to know about your stall or room before they can come in and interact with you. Websites are useless if no one visits them. You can have all the great content in your website. However, if no one knows about them, it will be a waste.

Generate traffic to your website by creating effective online marketing campaigns to allow web visitors to know about the existence of your website and to entice them to visit your website and find about more about what you can offer to them.

The first step to creating an effective online marketing campaign is to identify your target audience. Who will be your potential customers? What are their profiles? Knowing this information about your target audience can give you insights on the type of advertisement they will be interested in. In addition, you may also come up with smart guesses on the websites they usually visit, hence decide on the best platforms to publish your advertisement.

The second step is to decide on the platforms or channels that you will be using to publicize your online marketing campaign. Confirm that these platforms and channels are frequently visited by your target audience so that they will be able to see your advertisements.

The third step is to design your advertisements. There may be restrictions on the type of advertisements you can design. For example, Google Search Displays via Google Adwords only allow text-based advertisements. You cannot design image-based or video-based advertisements for Google Search Displays. Start designing your advertisements only after you are sure that it will be approved by the advertising platform. When designing your advertisements, you have to consider two important factors – content and the visual appearance. Keep the content concise and straight to the point so web visitors know what the advertisement message is right away. Moreover, make your advertisement stand out visually from the other content in the advertising platform. Website visitors usually glance through advertisements. If your advertisement message is too long or unattractive, visitors will skip your advertisements.

Following the 3 steps above will result in an effective online campaign. Try it out and give feedback in the comment box of this blog post.

Start building your own website

The new generations are immersed in the world of technology. Fast internet, sophisticated device such as smart phones and tablets, and useful software are using up a large amount of their time every day. It is uncommon to see someone not know how to surf the internet today, especially in the developed countries.

Many of us turn to the internet looking for answers. Whether we want to know a particular recipe, company details, or to read up on news, we will most likely visit the internet. Internet gives us answers to our questions much faster than other conventional means. In the past, people buy hard copy recipe books, read up on yellow pages or read the newspaper for news. The internet is able to replace all these activities.

It does not take long for people to realize that internet is a huge place for people to gather and interact with one another. Imagine that internet is a huge area. Inside this area, there will be specific stalls or rooms for people to go in and mingle around. These stalls or rooms are essentially the websites. When people visit the internet, they will need to go into the specific websites to check out information.

If you want to gather information on the internet, you will be the one visiting websites to look for information. However, if you want to spread information on the internet, besides visiting websites to leave your comments, you can build your own website to contain this information too. Most of the time, people build their own websites to promote their own businesses. These websites will be dedicated to only contain information specific to their businesses’ products and services.

I will urge you to consider building your own website for the purpose of promoting your businesses if you are an entrepreneur. The web is the new thing starting from our current times. You can engage web design services in Singapore to build your website. The development time for a website is usually between 1 to 3 months. A successful entrepreneur needs to have strong and far vision. Think carefully. Technology and internet is the future. You will not want to lag behind your competitors by not catching up to the latest trends.

Building An Effective Website Design In Singapore

Building a website isn’t simply hiring the first web designer you see on the streets or forums and getting them to design and develop it for you or your company.

If you got an amateur web design company in Singapore to help you design, you would likely end up with a customer that fails to persuade customers to choose you – regardless whether the customers are businesses or individuals. A truly good local web design company in Singapore will use conversion optimization to help you develop and design a great website that converts website visitors into leads or customers.

Before you engage a web designer in Singapore, you must first understand what is the purpose of a website.

A corporate website is for the education of your customers about your company’s background, the products or services that you sell as well as the reasons why customers should buy from you and how they can do so. If you have noticed, the entire purpose of the website has only one end and ultimate goal – to get your visitors to purchase from you in one way or another. Therefore, the web design company in Singapore which you should engage must understand that it’s not just about designing a website that looks pretty, but designing a website that converts visitors into leads or customers is the key.

There are many factors that go into play for conversion optimization of a website design, and examples of these factors are things such as:

  • Colour contrast as well as colour usage. For instance, most contact us buttons are bright or yellow in colour, as they have proven to convert well.
  • Font typeface. It has been tested and proven that Arial font typefaces work best in converting visitors into leads or customers.
  • Length of copy. The more expensive the item(s) or service(s) you sell, the longer the sales copy on your website should generally be. However, as people in Singapore generally have a rather short attention span, keep your copy as short and concise as possible.
  • E.t.c.

There are many factors that go into conversion optimization for web design, and if you don’t know how to do it, make sure to hire a company that does.